Mywife-NO 1344 Kurokawa Rinka

mywife no 1344 黒川 凛花 Kurokawa Rinka

mywife no 1344 黒川 凛花 Kurokawa Rinka

【プロフィール】 年齢:26歳 結婚歴:1年
【家族構成】 夫:28歳 IT関連
【身長・スリーサイズ】 T:162 B:83(D65) W:59 H:84
【出演理由】 夫婦生活がマンネリで…


【Profile】 Age: 26 years Marital status: 1 year
【Family composition】 Husband: 28 years old IT related
[Height · Three Size] T: 162 B: 83 (D 65) W: 59 H: 84
【Reason for appearance】 The couple’s life is a rut …

Mr. Kurokawa says he is sending everyday things that do not change after marriage. I am waiting for my return home lovingly to support my husband working late at night, but my husband tired of work is not talking a bit about that coffee, and a word of “good night” It seems that it enters the bed without it. I ask for irritation to the couple life which does not compete too much, and access to the adulterous site with reality. Actually, I had a cool look when I was not planning to meet a man, but as I entered the hotel, I took off his clothes one by one as expected.

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