Mywife-No 1341 Hirano Saki

Mywife-No 1341 平野 咲  Hirano Saki

Mywife-No 1341 平野 咲  Hirano Saki

【プロフィール】 年齢:29歳 結婚歴:1年
【家族構成】 夫:36歳 通信会社勤務
【身長・スリーサイズ】 T:156 B:80(D65) W:58 H:84
【出演理由】 主人が淡泊で…


【Profile】 Age: 29 years Marital status: 1 year
【Family composition】 Husband: 36 years old Telecommunications company
[Height · Three Size] T: 156 B: 80 (D 65) W: 58 H: 84
【Reason for appearance】 My husband is faintly …

An impressive wife with a refreshing smile. Hirano who is neat and has a nice personality and looks good, has no impeccable impression, but he seems to have married solely to improve the publicity, he says that he lives cold at home. She smiles like losing herself as she hides her loneliness. She looks very poor and begins caressing gentlely to soften her daily complaints even a bit. Then, her beautiful naked body tightened up red and rich liquor caught in trousers overflowing from the honey pot

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