Mywife-No  秋葉 莉子 Riko Akiba

Mywife-No 秋葉 莉子 Riko Akiba

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Mywife-No  秋葉 莉子 Riko Akiba

【プロフィール】 年齢:27歳 結婚歴:1年
【家族構成】 夫:43歳 音大講師
【身長・スリーサイズ】 T:154 B:80(C65) W:57 H:82
【出演理由】 色気を出したくて…


【Profile】 Age: 27 years Marital status: 1 year
【Family composition】 Husband: 43 years old music instructor
[Height · Three Size] T: 154 B: 80 (C 65) W: 57 H: 82
【Reason for appearance】 I want to cheer you up …

I got in touch for a while from that day he came in earnestly wanting to be a cheerful woman and I wanted to see you again. Akiba-san who met after a long absence seems to have spent a ferocious time, it is neat and beautiful, the feeling that I want to get dirty with love juice and semen seeds I restrained with eye mask and handcuffs …. Akiba who is caressed with a whole body feather touch reacts like a broken toy with a cunecune and a body, and begins to overflow my love from the dick if you begin to cheek up the female who had warped suddenly.

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